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This is page 1 of your transformation to a better way to advertise.  No longer is the :30 second spot the only way.  The web is very real. Social media is very real. ROI is very real.  We are on top of the technology and we will get you noticed.  

We approach every challenge from the right side of our brain.   A creative strategy applied, is the essence of problem solving. When ACT Marketing and Advertising is on the job consider us a partner in helping your company achieve even greater heights. 

Our Philosophy

Someone once said, creativity is intelligence having fun. We don’t know who that someone is, but that someone makes a lot of sense to us. It makes so much sense, that we practice this concept on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean we goof off at your expense, it means we take the complicated task of navigating the marketing and advertising waters with a unique perspective that allows your advertising message to break through the clutter. With this approach, your message will resonate with the consumer as your branding efforts plant seeds in the marketplace nurturing sales for today and the future.


Who are these people that plant branding seeds for your company? Miles P. Owen and Randall Jones are the advertising botanists in charge at ACT Marketing & Advertising. Two people that get along even though one went to Texas Tech and the other went to The University of Texas.  We bring to the table good manners and a wealth of advertising knowledge due to our experience dating back to the last century.  By last century we mean 1982.  That means we’ve seen good times and bad, campaigns that worked and those that didn't.  We have also had time to understand why.  We have a passion for advertising that fuels us as we fulfill marketing and advertising goals for our clients.


In addition to what you’ve read so far, we do all the traditional things advertising agencies do. Things like the creation and production of various forms of advertising such as radio, TV, outdoor billboards, print ads, long and short form videos, Inbound web marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, email marketing, event planning, online content creation, websites and anything else you think might be advertising. But wait, that’s not all. We also buy media which includes scientific analysis of market demographics, media planning, merchandising, event planning, media negotiations and MUCH MUCH MORE! Operators are standing by at 325-698-3325, so call before time expires on this exclusive offer.

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